Master craftman in joinery

A master craftsman in joinery with a European experience.

Originally from the area of Aubrac in France, Renaud Quichaud started his apprenticeship within the Compagnons du Devoir (French  master  craftsman fraternal organization) in 2000 and became Compagon  (Master Craftsman)  in 2006.

He started his Tour de France in 2002, which turned into  a European tour since he worked in England and  Russia (Saint Petersburg) as well.

Even tough he has  returned to his homeland, Renaud is available for international projects in joinery (English spoken fluently and good knowledge in Russian).

Accommodating authenticity, modernity and respect of the environment

Through his work experiences, Renaud is able to realise rustic or antique style furniture as well as to create furniture and layout with modern design.

But the most important to him is to give priority to the local woods and natural oil treatment.

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